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Small Bathroom Black Mold Removal

Formation of black mold on tiles My plan was to rip everything out of my small bathroom and replace with new. At the same time I would kill all the unsightly mold so that it could not return. Well it didn't quite go to the plan I had envisaged but I did eventually find an effective solution. It was so simple in the end.


Bathroom Remodeling Ideas - Free Graph Paper Square

Image of hand placing bathroom fittings Turning your bathroom-remodeling dream into a reality starts with making a plan. I know that you probably want to get started on the work right away and making a plan doesn't sound very interesting right now but if you skip this step then you will be sorry later, believe me. Print off this free graph paper to help you design your drea bathroom.


Pictures of Bathrooms Before and After Remodeling

Gleaming new faucets When I remodeled my small bathroom I made sure that I recorded the project as it progressed as a reminder of the difference it has made to me. Some of the before and after pictures from my remodeled bathroom are shown here.


Idea For Remodeling A Very Small Bathroom

Small profile toilet The room felt tight and didn't give me much hope of making any space but I had been longing for a shower cubicle for a long time. Using a shower above a bath has never felt right for me so I was determined to find a way. The shower cubicle and toilet would just not go in until we came across a very slim toilet. It took up much less wall space than the original and allowed us to fit the shower and toilet in the space - just!


Small Bathroom Shower - A Space Saving Enclosure

Curved quadrant shower enclosure Adding a shower to your small bathroom design in addition to a bathtub could be very important to you as it was for me. I had less than 44 square feet in the whole of my small bathroom so I had to save space wherever I could. I love my small bathroom shower and if you do something similar in your bathroom I'm sure that you will love it too.


Pictures of Small Bathroom During Remodeling

Formation of black mold on tiles The story of my small bathroom renovation in pictures. I took over 100 digital bathroom remodeling pictures of the room during the renovation and I wish that I had taken more. They tell a story that is difficult to put into words about how the bathroom was transformed from a dingy tired old place to a bathroom that people want to use.


Small Bathroom Shower

Round corner shower enclosure One of the main reasons why people remodel their bathroom is to provide new or better shower facilities. I know that I had this firmly in mind when I remodeled my small bathroom even though it wasn't the main reason why I was remodeling.


Setting Ceramic Tile Made Easy

Tiles left to set before grouting If you decide to do the tiling yourself then make sure that you plan the project around your timescale. Make sure that there is plenty of spare time in case you don't get finished in the time you expect to. Tile setting isn't a difficult job when done correctly but it is time consuming and it does tend to take longer than you think.


Bathroom Remodeling Idea

Formation of black mold on tiles How to get inspiration and plan your bathroom remodelling idea - So you have decided that you are going to remodel your bathroom. Now what? You know that you want to change the room but you don't have much idea about what it is that you want yet. All the sales brochures you've looked at and all the showrooms you've visited have only made you more confused than you were to start with. So what do you do next?


Bathroom Accessory

A simple silver hoop to hold your towel Now that you have decided on the larger fixed items in your bathroom, it's time to take care of the bathroom accessory list. This can be a difficult task because there is so much choice but it's important that you do this now and not put it off until later.


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Black Mold Remover

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