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How to design a bathroom

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Bathroom Shower Accessory

Simple hook to hold your bath robe How to make a bathroom shower accessory list - Well this isn't too difficult. You just have to imagine yourself doing the things that you normally do in the shower.


Bathroom Accessory And Shower Curtain

A free standing toliet roll holder What is your list of bathroom accessories for outside of the shower going to look like? In some ways the job of making this list is going to be easier because you don't have to worry quite so much about things getting soaked with water. On the other hand there is a lot more to think about and a lot more to choose from.


Small Bathroom Design

Picture of a small bathroom suite Your small bathroom might be bigger than you think. If you have a small bathroom like I do then you may be wondering how you can remodel it to get better use out of it.


Small Bathroom Remodeling One Stop Contractors

Formation of black mold on tiles Using one bathroom remodeling contractor to do all of the jobs in your bathroom design project is the easiest and lowest stress method.


Mold and Mildew Remover Review

Formation of black mold on tiles I battled with unsightly growth of black mold in my bathroom for years. I tried applying bleach and other cleaning products then scrubbed the surfaces. It was hard work. Nothing really worked and I could never completely get the black out of the silicon sealer, grout and caulkin. Then I found something that really does work.


Preparation For A Bathrooms Remodeling Project

Bathroom suite There are some important things that you should do as early as possible and absolutely before the work on your modern bathroom remodeling idea begins. These are all things that you should do first even if you are planning to use the do it yourself remodeling method. choose from.


Do It Yourself Remodeling

Bathroom mirror It's probably true to say that most people reading this, including you, are capable of remodeling their bathrooms themselves given enough time and patience but would you want to? Do you really want to be the DIY man with the spectre of a dungeon-like bathroom hanging over you for weeks if not months?


Project Management - Bathroom Remodel

Radiator and towel rail Now that you've decided what you want your new bathroom to look like, chosen all the fittings and furniture and made a drawing of the room showing exactly where things are to be placed it's now time to start gathering information about building and planning regulations and finding out whether you will need to apply for any permissions to allow you to carry out the work that you are planning.


Be The Supervisor Of Your Bathroom Design And Remodeling

Small was basin If your bathroom-remodelling project is too big for you to handle yourself but you don't want the added expense of hiring a contract manager then you are most likely going to consider taking on the roles of project manager, supervisor and coordinator yourself. This should save you money but you might find it a surprisingly stressful undertaking.


Supervisor Stress - Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom in a mess Project managing and coordinating building and remodelling projects can be surprisingly difficult and to illustrate how stressful it can be lets take a very simple example...


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Black Mold Remover

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