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How to make a bathroom accessory and shower curtain list

What is your list of bathroom accessories for outside of the shower going to look like? In some ways the job of making this list is going to be easier because you don't have to worry quite so much about things getting soaked with water. On the other hand there is a lot more to think about and a lot more to choose from.

If you have a small bathroom and you haven't seen the tips in the article Small Bathroom Design then you might want to take a look before you go much further.

The first thing to do is to state the obvious and mention that if your new bathroom uses an enclosed shower cubicle then you don't need to worry about a shower curtain. Bear that in mind when you make up your bathroom accessory and shower curtain list.

Essential Accessories

Before we start making a big list lets look at a few essentials first. The big one for me is a toilet roll followed closely by a toilet roll holder. Now this might sound silly but it's little things like a toilet roll holder that hold people back at this stage. The problem is where do you put it? If your toilet is in the corner of the room then the problem is solved, simply mount the holder on the wall in front of the toilet.

If your toilet is in the middle of the room, more than likely up against a wall then what do you do? It isn't very practical to mount the holder on the wall behind the toilet but there is nowhere else for it to go. I had this problem and the solution I ended up with is simple. Just use a freestanding toilet roll holder, one that you can move around and put wherever you like. When I wanted to change my own bathroom I needed an idea for remodeling a small bathroom and the simple freestanding toilet roll holder was part of that idea.

The Accessory List

Ok now lets get to the bathroom accessory and shower curtain list. It isn't going to be exhaustive and you probably won't want everything that's on it but I hope that it will give you somewhere to start.

I don't know what you think but I always like to buy chrome accessories because I think it looks at home in any bathroom so when you look for the items on your list think accessory bathroom chrome and you can't go wrong. Now that you have your remodeled bathroom planned, you've identified the exact units that are going to be fixed in place and you have a list of all the accessories you will want, it's time to either get down to work or find some contractors to do the work for you. That's where the fun starts.

Black & Decker The Complete Guide to Bathrooms
Remodeling on a budget
Vanities & Cabinets * Plumbing & Fixtures * Showers, Sinks & Tubs

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