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Be The Supervisor Of Your Bathroom Design And Remodeling

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Absolute Beginner's Guide to Project Management

Are you cut out to be the project manager, supervisor and coordinator of your remodeling project?

If your bathroom-remodelling project is too big for you to handle yourself but you don't want the added expense of hiring a contract manager then you are most likely going to consider taking on the roles of project manager, supervisor and coordinator yourself. This should save you money but you might find it a surprisingly stressful undertaking. Make sure that you read the article on Supervisor Stress - Bathroom Remodeling before you continue.

Depending on the size and complexity of your bathroom redesign you will need to hire and coordinate contractors with at least some of the skills listed below:

First you need a plan

Work out on paper what needs to happen and when. Start with the delivery date of your new bathroom fixtures like the bathtub, toilet and shower cubicle and work from there. The room will need to be cleared of all the old fixtures before then so that needs to be the first thing on the plan.

Think the job through and draw a timeline showing the start and end of each phase of the bathroom-remodeling project. It should go something like this:

Clear room -> Prepare plumbing and electrics -> Install fixtures -> Connect plumbing and electrics -> Tiling and painting -> floor covering

Hire and coordinate

When you have your timeline you are in a position to hire contractors and commit them to turning up at the times predicted by your plan. Sounds simple but things won't go to plan and you will need to review the project and your contractor commitments on a daily basis. You might find that the fixtures won't turn up on the promised delivery date and you will need to delay everyone until they turn up. There might be a problem with the plumbing or electrics that take longer than anticipated to resolve and again you will be phoning around trying to rearrange everything.


When all the contractors have finished you need to inspect the work carefully before you pay anyone. Look for leaky pipes, dripping faucets, uneven tiling, badly fitting doors on shower cubicles etc. If you find a problem try to work out which contractor is responsible and get them back to fix it.

Sometimes it's not obvious who is responsible for faults like water leaks for instance. In this case you must take your best guess. If you are wrong the contractor will soon tell you but you might have to pay them for coming out to tell you that. If the problem is their fault then you should expect them to fix it for no extra cost.

Final word

I believe that acting as project manager on your bathroom-remodeling project is probably the most difficult way to get the job done. However if you think that you have the right experience, confidence and time to devote to it then it can be a most satisfying experience and can save you money. Some people think that it's great fun, sadly I don't.

Absolute Beginner's Guide to Project Management

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