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Pictures of Small Bathroom During Remodeling

The stress of remodeling a bathroom
Bathroom remodeling and stressful plumbing

Before & After Bathroom Makeovers

Story of my small bathroom renovation in pictures

You can't have a before and after bathroom remodeling project without the bit in the middle so when I had my small bathroom renovated I took over 100 digital bathroom remodeling pictures of the room during the renovation and I wish that I had taken more. They tell a story that is difficult to put into words about how the bathroom was transformed from a dingy tired old place to a bathroom that people want to use.

I've selected a few of these pictures for you to see below. Every time I look at them I find something new about my new bathroom so look closely.

Removing ceramic tiles reveals poor fixing

Badly hung ceramic tiles

The small bathroom has been stripped and the tiles removed. Notice how badly the old tiles were hung. They were stuck with spots of adhesive instead of an even patterned coat. To hang the new ceramic tiles the adhesive was spread evenly on the wall then patterned using a notched spreading tool.

Old bathroom plumbing

There was nothing to be seen in the bathroom except the old plumbing sticking out of the floor and the bathroom contractors tools were everywhere.
Plumbing exposed when bathtub removed
Toilet and shower waiting to be installed

The new toilet and shower pan arrive

Things began to arrive on the second day of the bathroom makeover and as they did they were placed in roughly the places they would be installed in.

The new bathtub and wash basin

The plumbing for the bathtub was extended from the left side to allow the new faucets to be placed on the right hand side. This avoided having the faucets underneath the radiator. The wash basin is a pedestal model which takes up the minimum of space in a small bathroom.
Wash basin ready to be installed
Bracket fixing bathtub to wall

Fixing the bathtub to the wall

Notice how the bathtub is fixed tightly to the wall with metal brackets. This prevents the bath from moving after installation and breaking the seal with the ceramic tiles around the edges.

Half assembled bathtub faucets

Don't faucets look strange when you see them half assembled? A shower head will be attached to this one for use when bathing.
Bathtub faucets half assembled
Bathtub and toilet waiting to be installed

Connecting the toilet and bathtub

The toilet and bathtub are fixed in place almost ready to have the plumbing connected.

Bathtub shower head and tiles

The tiling, faucets and shower head are now assembled in place. Doesn't that look better?
Bathtub fitted with shower head
Ceramic tiles showing card spacers

Bathroom tiling almost complete

Most of the ceramic tiles had been hung by this point. Grouting was to come next when the fixing adhesive had dried. The cardboard spacers are still in place between some of the tiles.

Concealed bathroom plumbing

The plumbing for the radiator is hidden by a false wall which will look great when it's tiled over. I wish that I had asked for a method of easy access to be left though. Perhaps it will never go wrong.
Plumbing enclosed and out of site
Small curved quadrant shower base

Curved quadrant small shower pan

The curved quadrant shower cubicle is a great space saver for a very little bathroom. I think that it looks a whole lot nicer than a square one too.

Ceramic tiles above the bathtub

I believe that it's the ceramic tiles that realy make a bathroom shine. I'm more than pleased that we decided to tile the whole of the bathroom from floor to ceiling.
New tiling over bathtub
Plumbing under bathtub will be concealed

Bathroom plumbers

Bathroom plumbers are not the neatest or tidiest of people but as long as the bathroom plumbing doesn't leak and it's concealed then I don't mind. This picture shows how the plumbing is arranged underneath the bathtub.

More bathroom plumbing

It's handy to know where all the plumbing lies when you need to do some maintenance at a later date.
General plumbing under bathtub
Plumbing boxed in and concealed in the small bathroom

Space saving radiator idea

If you've got a very small bathroom then combine a radiator with a heated towel rail and put the radiator above the bath. It can save a lot of room in a little bathroom.

Shiny radiator and ceramic tiles

The new radiator looks a lot nicer than the old one and the white tiles look great behind it.
Radiator installed in the small bathroom
Small shower enclosure installed

Small shower cubicle

Notice how the curved quadrant of the shower enclosure provides more space to the side of the toilet. This makes it look much less imposing than a square one would have been.

Ceramic tile design in the shower

A simple ceramic tile design was used in the shower. It makes the room a little more interesting and draws you into the shower area.
Ceramic tile design in shower
Small wash basin installed and ready for sealing

Small wash basin ready for sealing

The sink is installed and plumbed in with the tiles behind ready for sealing with silicon sealer. A bead of sealer is applied to all wet surfaces where they meet the ceramic tiles.

Completed small bathroom remodel

It's all done and because there was just one bathroom contractor involved it took a lot less time than I thought it would. This is the front view of the little bathroom.
Finished small bathroom view to window

Before & After Bathroom Makeovers

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