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Preparation For a Bathroom Remodeling Project

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Bathrooms: The Smart Approach to Design (Home Decorating)

Before you start on your bathroom-remodeling project

There are some important things that you should do as early as possible and absolutely before the work on your modern bathroom-remodeling idea begins. These are all things that you should do first even if you are planning to use the do it yourself remodeling method.

When you have a good idea of what it is you want to do you should approach the planning and building authorities in your area as soon as possible. If you find out that you need to obtain any consent before you start the work you will want to apply for them as soon as possible because it can take many weeks to get a reply.

Don't be tempted to start work if you know that you need permission and you haven't obtained it yet. If you do then you could be left with a very large expense when the permission is denied and you have to pull down what you've just built. Don't assume that you will get the permission until you have it in writing from the authorities. I hear stories like this all the time and I wonder why people go ahead with the work knowing that they might not get permission to do what they are doing.

Things that you should do as early as you can

There are things that are less important than obtaining the right permissions but should also be done as early as possible to help things go smoothly.

Review the regulations

As you collect all the necessary documentation you should review any regulations that might apply and ensure that your plans conform to them. If you are unsure which documents are relevant then ask at the issuing office. Make a note of anything that you don't understand and make sure that you discuss the points with your contractors before works starts.


Even if you are active and able now doesn't mean that you will always be so. When you come to sell your property you might be selling to someone who has special needs when using the bathroom. A little thought at this point about installing simple things like grab rails might turn out to be a selling feature for you.


This is an area that I wish I had spent more thought on when I remodeled my bathroom. I have no storage space and it is very limiting. Make sure you don't make this mistake and make provision for a few built in storage containers. Storage made from quality wood always looks nice in a bathroom.

Open shower bathroom design

If you are planning an open shower design where the floor of the whole room is used for drainage then make sure that you have researched this thoroughly before you start. Many bathrooms are simply not designed to accommodate open showers and redesigning to accommodate one might prove very costly if not completely impractical. If this is the case I'm sure that you would rather find out about it before the project begins than later.

Temporary bathroom facilities

While you remodel your bathroom you will still need to wash and use the toilet. Depending on how the work progresses you could be in this position for a long time so you must give it careful thought to begin with. This is very important and if you have children then being without a bathroom can turn into a nightmare.

If you have a second bathroom in the house then there is no problem. If you don't then try to make arrangements with your neighbour or shower at the gym like we did. Whatever you decide, don't leave yourself with nowhere to go.

How to project manage your bathroom remodeling project

Now that you have done all the preperation for your bathroom redesign it's time to start thinking about how you are going to get the work done. You have a few options which are dealt with in the article Project Management - Bathroom Remodel. Take your time to decide which option is right for you because the wrong one could cause you a whole lot of grief.

Bathrooms: The Smart Approach to Design (Home Decorating)

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