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Project Management - Bathroom Remodeling Project

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Getting Started and deciding how to manage the project

Now that you've decided what you want your new bathroom to look like, chosen all the fittings and furniture and made a drawing of the room showing exactly where things are to be placed it's now time to start gathering information about building and planning regulations and finding out whether you will need to apply for any permissions to allow you to carry out the work that you are planning.

While you are waiting for any required permissions to come in you can be getting on with selecting contractors to do the work or learning how to do it yourself. You have four options when it comes to getting the work done and you must now decide which way is most appropriate for you:

Do it all yourself

Do it yourself remodeling is the hardest way to remodel a bathroom and it will almost certainly take the longest to complete. My advice would be to only undertake this kind of project if you are confident that you have the right skills, have plenty of time available to complete the work and have alternative bathroom arrangements for you and your family while the work is in progress.

Hire subcontractors and project manage the job yourself

This might sound like an easy option. You can find subcontractors to do all the tasks required and simply organise them all to get the job done. In reality the job is far harder than it sounds and can lead to a lot of stress. Next to doing the whole job yourself this should be the lowest cost way of remodeling your bathroom but be prepared for a hard time.

Hire a project manager to arrange everything

Find a project manager experienced in remodeling bathrooms. Now it's starting to sound a little easier because you only need to find one person to get the job done for you but remember that you will be placing a lot of trust in this person to ensure a good quality finish to your bathroom and to complete the job on time and to budget. Be prepared to spend some time choosing the right manager carefully.

Find someone to do the whole job

This is the way that I approached my bathroom-remodeling project. I was lucky enough to find a contractor prepared to do all the necessary jobs and it worked very well for me. He did an acceptable job in super fast time and he wasn't too expensive either. I found this to be a very acceptable option but finding someone like this may not be easy. My contractor did everything except for the flooring. The bathroom remodel was complete in a week and I sorted the flooring six months later when I couldn't stand the nagging from the family any longer.

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More Than 200 Value-adding Remodeling Projects

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