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Keep black mold out of your bathroom remodel

One of the reasons why I remodeled my bathroom was to get rid of the black mold that was slowly taking over the place. It was a drastic step I know but I was losing the battle with the mold and it was a good excuse to get a new bathroom.

My plan was to rip everything out of my small bathroom and replace with new. At the same time I would kill all the mold so that it could not return. Well it didn't quite go to the plan I had envisaged but I did eventually find an effective solution.

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What black mold looks like

Black bathroom mold is a fungus and it looks like a black stain that spreads around the edges of your bathtub and shower and around the grout in your ceramic tiles. The mold seems to get inside the sealer and the grout making it impossible to remove without replacing whatever it's growing in.

For years I had tried to keep the mold in my bathroom at bay by making sure that surfaces were wiped down regularly with bleach and that there was plenty of ventilation and that nothing stayed damp for too long. Every 3-6 months I would cut out all the silicon sealer and grout that had been contaminated by the black mold and replace with new. It always came back and I was getting pretty frustrated with it.

Here's a black mold picture just before I remodeled the bathroom

Black mold in silicon sealer and grout between ceramic tiles around bathtub As you can see the black mold was well entrenched in the sealer and grout around the edges of the bathtub and grout between the ceramic tiles. It had to go.

Keeping a new bathroom clean and dry helps keep black mold away

Black mold fungus grows best when it is warm and damp which is why you find it growing in bathrooms so much. It's impossible to keep moisture out of a bathroom completely but you can take steps to keep it to a minimum.

Make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated especially after use. Opening a window for a while after a shower or bath can help to keep the humidity down.

Wipe down all damp surfaces after use so that they will dry quickly and not give the fungus the encouragement it needs to grow. Wiping down with bleach regularly helps too.

Did my bathroom-remodeling cure my black mold problem?

In a word - No! It was great when it was finished and for several months I managed to keep the place clean and dry enough to beat the mold but it returned. I began to notice it in the silicon sealer in the corner of the shower, emanating out along the joins and the grout. I was horrified. I immediately got out the bleach and began treating it every day. It slowed it down but it didn't stop it.

I asked my bathroom remodeling contractor to come and give me some advice but unfortunately the best he could do was cut out the sealer and replace it with new. I could see that he couldn't remove the entire black mold so it would be sure to return which it did only a few weeks later.

I found the secret to beating black mold in my remodeled bathroom

I was pretty depressed at this point. I had spent a lot of money on my little bathroom to get it looking great and it was all going to be ruined by this creeping black mold. It was then that someone told me about a product that I should try called Mold & Mildew remover

This product contains an antimicrobial agent for removing stains caused by ingrained mould. They told me that it really does work but the secret was to use it regularly and not to expect instant results.

Well I didn't believe that it would work, nothing else had up to this point but I was prepared to give it a try. I started to spray the affected areas with the mold remover 3 times a week. The instructions say to leave it on for a maximum of 5 minutes before rinsing it off but I have to admit that I left it on for a bit longer than that.

After a week I thought that I began to see a difference but I couldn't be sure. After 2 weeks I was pretty sure that the black mold stain wasn't getting any bigger now. After 4 weeks it was clear that the black patches were actually getting smaller, even where the mold was inside the silicon sealer.

After spraying the mold remover 3 times a week for a month I then started doing it just once a week and the black mold continued to retreat. It was working and I was very pleased. After 3 months there were just a few tiny patches of black mold left which have totally disappeared now. I now use the spray 2-3 times a month and the black mold has not returned after many months.

Don't give up, you can beat the black mold too

Once I'd found the solution to the black mold problem I've had no further trouble so if you can spray your mold then you can beat it too. If you are remodeling your bathroom be sure to use this method as a precautionary measure. Spraying areas of ceramic tiles and along sealed edges once or twice a month should be sufficient to keep your bathroom makeover looking the same as it did the day it was finished.

Now that you know how to keep your new bathroom looking great after the remodel you might need some Preparation for a Bathroom Remodeling Project tips.

This is what black mold can look like...

On your cieling

Black mold on the cieling

In the corners of your bathroom

Black mold in the corners of your bathroom

In the grout between your tiles

Black mold in the grout

All over your lovely tiles

Black mold around the tiles

Black Mold Remover

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