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Small Bath Solutions (Better Homes & Gardens Decorating)

Small bathroom Remodeling with as few contractors as possible

Remodeling your bathroom is probably the biggest home project involving just one room that you are likely to undertake. There are few amongst us who would happily undertake all the work themselves even when dealing with very small bathrooms, so you will probably want to engage contractors to do the work for you. To remind you of the contractor specialists that you are like to need see the list below: You have the options of managing and coordinating the project yourself or hiring a project manager to organise them for you but there is one other option that is well worth considering.

Find one bathroom remodeling contractor to do everything

When I remodelled my little bathroom recently I was fortunate enough to find a contractor who was prepared to do all the work himself. There was no building work to be done which might have been a different matter but hiring two contractors is still a lot easier to handle than fourteen. The guy I found was prepared to do the plumbing, small electrical work, woodwork, tiling, plastering, painting and fitting.

Finding this guy was quite a catch but he didn't do flooring which was a shame because it took me ages to get that part of the job done after he had finished. I consider myself very lucky that I didn't have to find bathroom plumbers, bathroom tillers, bathroom fitters and all the other individual trades.

One bathroom redesign contractor can work much faster than many

Even a very small bathroom design project can take a very long time to finish and typically the time scale will increase depending on how many people are involved. If you engage just one person to do the whole project then he or she is far more likely to execute the job in a timely fashion because they only have themselves to manage.

The contractor who did all of the work on my bathroom started ripping the old stuff out on the Monday and had completed the majority of the work by Friday afternoon of the same week. He returned to finish off a few things the following week. All I had to do was make sure that he had access when he needed it and test everything out when he had finished. I couldn't imagine the job being any easier from my point of view.

There were a few things that didn't go quite right. There was a leaky water pipe and the doors to the shower cubicle didn't shut properly but I knew that there was no question of who I needed to call to remedy the problem because there was only one person involved. Easy peasy.

How do you find a bathroom contractor that does everything?

There are not many people that are prepared to take on all the tasks of a bathroom-remodeling project by themselves but when I did my bathroom I knew that this would be the ideal solution if only I could find someone prepared to do it. Before I started I had watched a friend get themselves into all sorts of trouble when they tried to manage many contractors on their own bathroom remodel project. They had a very small bathroom, which gave them some interesting problems of its own to add to their misery. They were visible stressed by the end of it and I wanted to avoid this if I could.

Ask around friends and bathroom showrooms

Ask around your friends to see if they have any contacts in the building trade or whether they had any recent experience with hiring contractors for similar projects. Visit showrooms and ask the staff about contractors they work with. Often showrooms and building merchants will have a pin board where contractors leave their business cards. Pick up some of these and ask the staff if they have any knowledge of them.

Phone book and Internet bathroom remodeling web sites

Use the phone book and of course, the Internet to search for likely candidates. Call as many contractors as you can find and ask them how much of the job they would be prepared to quote for. Your objective would be to find at least three contractors that you can invite to quote for the job.

This process will probably take up a lot of your time but believe me it's worth it if you find what you're looking for. Be prepared to wait for your preferred contractor to become available because if they are any good they will most likely have a long order book. If you have to wait a few months for a relatively stress free remodelling of your bathroom then so be it, you will benefit in the end.

Bathroom remodeling costs

On the face of it you will probably find that using a single contractor looks expensive compared with getting a lot of people each to do bits of the job. This is because this kind of service is in high demand and requires a higher level of all-round skills than the average contractor would possess. At the end of the day when you add up all of the additional costs that you have incurred for things that you hadn't expected or forgotten to include you may find that there is little difference in costs. In any case a little extra is well worth it to preserve your sanity.

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Small Bath Solutions (Better Homes & Gardens Decorating)

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