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Small Bathroom Shower - A Space Saving Enclosure

Curved quadrant shower enclosure

Small Bath Solutions
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Save space in your small bathroom by using a curved quadrant shower cubicle

Adding a shower to your small bathroom design in addition to a bathtub could be very important to you as it was for me. I had less than 44 square feet in the whole of my small bathroom so I had to save space wherever I could.

I had set my heart on a shower enclosure that would fit nicely into the corner of the bathroom where the washbasin used to sit. It measured 31.5" (800 mm) square and was just the right size to clear the toilet on the one side and the door on the other side.

I was worried though. When I drew up the plan on squared paper I could see that there were going to be issues when people used the bathroom for things other than showering. The corner of the enclosure invaded the general bathroom space and would surely get in the way.

Then I discovered curved quadrant shower enclosures. These shower enclosures have a curved side replacing 2 of the straight sides. They are more expensive than the square design but they save space and look nicer.

I found that I could fit an 800mm (31.5") shower enclosure into my small bathroom so I'm going to describe what that could mean to you below.

How does the curve save space in your small bathroom?

As you can see from the diagram below, the curved quadrant reduces the space taken up by the enclosure by approximately 1 square foot, which represents approximately 14% of the total enclosure area. Now in my bathroom I don't miss the 1 square foot from the shower but I certainly appreciate it in the rest of the bathroom where it adds an additional 12.5% of useable floor area not taken up by fixtures.

Curved quadrant shower plan drawing

If you are going to use a similar design in your small bathroom I would suggest that you get one with clear sides as this gives the impression of space in the rest of the bathroom.

I love my small bathroom shower and if you do something similar in your bathroom I'm sure that you will love it too. Find out how I had my little bathroom remodeled by one multi-skilled contractor in the article Small Bathroom Remodeling One Stop Contractors

Small Bath Solutions (Better Homes & Gardens Decorating)

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